our vision

We equip the local church to develop next-generation disciple-makers.

our mission

We make quality investment in developing disciple-makers in the church simple and cost-effective for small and under-resourced churches by providing online and in person training in practical theology for children's, youth and family ministries. 

Donations to Multiply Ministries further support disciple-making development through missions to churches in developing nations and restricted areas.

our work

Michael and Michelle serve the church through conference speaking, coaching, event planning, and as "secret worship guests" (invited by the church to come during a specified period and share feed back about their family's experience as first time guests).

We currently serve in North America, Central & South America, and Asia.  We have been invited to serve in other areas. We are completely faith supported.  This means both our personal expenses (such as gas, water, food, electricity, to operate our home and support our family), as well as our ministry expenses (travel, lodging, communication) are met through the generous donations of individuals and churches.  Click here to join our team as a ministry partner.

our needs

Due January 31, 2020: Travel & lodging expenses to serve in India - $6,000  Give Here

Not for profit filing fee (we have been working under an umbrella agency, and are now in need of registering on our own.) The one time fee to file is $695. Give Here

April 23-25, 2020: 30 volunteers to serve at the Disciple-Makers Conference in St. Louis, MO  Register Here

Due Summer 2020: Travel expenses to serve in Ecuador - $3,000 Give Here

Monthly financial support for daily living expenses - $3,200 Give Here

Would you like to know more about any specific ministry or need?  Please email us at Director@MultiplyMinistries.org

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Michael & Michelle Bowen

Directors of Global Training
Multiply Ministries

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