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our vision

We equip the local church to develop disciple-makers.

our mission

We work with under-resourced churches in the US, developing nations, and restricted areas.

our work

We currently serve in North America, Central & South America, Asia and Africa. 

our team

Multiply Ministries is led by a multi-denominational board of directors who govern and shepherd the ministry.​

our needs

We are completely faith supported.  This means both our personal expenses (such as food, housing, clothes, medical expenses, and utilities to support our home and family), as well as our ministry expenses (technology, internet, publishing, studio time, travel, lodging, and communication) are met through the generous donations of individuals and churches. 

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our beliefs

We are a non-denominational para-church ministry and work with churches from a wide background.  Our beliefs align with the SBC Faith and Message 2000.

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